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We offer a low EMI on your loan against securities. EMI starting from Rs. 1,333 per month for Rs. 1,00,000 loan.


Instant Approval

Get instant approval on your loan against securities, disbursed within 4 hours. If we delay, we’ll return 50% of your processing fee!

No fee

No Pre-payment Charges

You have the freedom to pay at will as we have no prepayment charges on your loan.


Flexible Amounts

Get quick capital against your securities starting from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 1,00,00,0000

Rupee in hand

Retain Fund Growth

Pledging your investments ensures that your savings grow, and your wealth plan remains intact even while you borrow.

Rupee Transfer

Direct Bank Deposit

Apply and get funds directly to any of your bank account from the comfort of your home.

How to Apply for loan

Get a loan on your shares and mutual funds with a paperless process


Step 01 ››

Login into via your Aadhar-enabled mobile number

KYC Checked

Step 02 ››

Upload your KYC documents or fill them in afresh to start the lending process.

Rupees in hand

Step 03 ››

Mark lien on the mutual funds or shares starting at Rs 15,000


Step 04

Relax & wait your loan will be disbursed into your account within 4 hours.

Meet your financial need

Meet your financial necessity without selling your Mutual Funds

Safeguard your investment by opting for quick capital against mutual funds. Your units will remain yours, and you’ll keep on earning from them during your tenure for an instant loan for low Credit score. So you can get the funds you need for capital or emergencies without having to redeem your MF units.

Key Features



You may use from the following documents : 
PAN Card, Address Proof (Aadhaar / Driving License /
Passport / Voters Id)
Applicant Photo, Applicant Signature
Bank Proof (Name printed cheque leaf /Bank statement )

Apply and get funds directly to any of your bank account from the comfort of your home.


Most frequent questions and answers

Your mutual fund units act as the collateral or security in a loan against mutual funds.
The units will keep on earning returns as you secure an instant loan for low credit score to get money for cash emergencies.

You may have mutual fund units that you don’t want to lose or sell, however, you have an emergency where you need cash fast and require a loan without a credit check. In such cases, it’s in your best interest to take a quick loan against mutual funds so that you get the money you need but you don’t lose your investment as well.

Your mutual fund holdings will remain in your ownership, and you will benefit from dividends accrued just like you always do. The best part is that you pay only on the used amount.

  • Quick money on mutual funds units with faster processing than 4 hours
  • High LTV value of 75% for debt mutual funds. In other words, you can get a loan amount of Rs 75,000 for MF holdings of Rs 100,000.
  • Easily accessible loan with low credit
  • ZERO prepayment charges so you can pay your loan at will, whenever you like

Customer can take care of all their investment as well as personal needs, meet contingencies meet financial requirements and/ or investment needs. It is the ideal way to get liquidity without liquidating the securities.

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Our loans against shares and mutual funds, include a minimum repayment period of zero months, as you can pay when you want with NIL prepayment charges, and a maximum repayment period of 1 year, which is renewable.

Get loan against your Shares and Mutual funds in just 4 Hours

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