7 main advantages of the eNPS Government Sector


eNPS, hosted by NSDL-DRA for NPS trust, is an online platform. It allows subscribers, including government employees with active PRAN, to register, contribute, and activate their tier accounts online.

Smooth Employee Onboarding

Effortless onboarding for employees with online verification and authorization of NPS information by government nodal offices.

Streamlining Form Handling

Simplifying the government nodal office's tasks by transitioning from manual account opening processes. This eliminates paper-related challenges and dispatching physical forms to CRA/CRA-FC.

Digitization And Paperless Process 

Enroll seamlessly with a paperless process using eSign/OTP, optimizing account opening costs through end-to-end digitization.

How to Open an Account 

Accelerating the account opening process for government sector compared to existing methods.

On-Time NPS Contributions

Ensuring prompt PRAN generation and timely deposit of NPS contributions for increased investment benefits.

Reduced Registration Rejections

Fewer registration rejections thanks to minimal data-entry errors. Employees input their data directly in the eNPS portal during onboarding, improving accuracy.

Cutting Logistical Costs

Removing the costs tied to physical form submissions by subscribers to government offices, nodal officers to CRAFC, and the need for form resubmissions.