5 Different Kinds of Personal Loans available in India

By Abhi Loans

Indian weddings are significant and expensive. Many seek bank loans to make their special day unforgettable, for bride, groom, or family.

1. Wedding Loan

Tailored for travelers, holiday loans let you explore the world now and settle the expenses later, often with included travel insurance for added security.

2. Travel Loan

Home loans buy new property, but what about renovating your existing one? Home renovation loans cover repair costs and boost your home's market value.

3. Home Renovation Loan

Pension loans for retirees, with unique eligibility rules. Some banks offer 7-10 times the previous month's pension amount in this special scheme.

4. Pension Loan

Many lenders offer personal loans for education expenses, from tuition to other academic needs, making it convenient to cover the costs.

5. Education Loan

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