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We offer a low EMI on your loan against mutual funds. EMI starting from Rs. 1,333 per month for Rs. 1,00,000 loan.


Instant Approval

Get instant approval on your loan against mutual funds, disbursed within 4 hours. If we delay, we’ll return 50% of your processing fee!

No fee

No Pre-payment Charges

You have the freedom to pay at will as we have no prepayment charges on your loan.


Cooling Off Period

During this cooling off period customer can decide not to continue the loan without paying any penalties or charges provided.

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Retain Fund Growth

Pledging your investments ensures that your savings grow, and your wealth plan remains intact even while you borrow.

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Don't Loose Sleep When Market Fluctuates

No penal charges when your Mutual Fund goes down.

How to Apply for a loan against Mutual Funds

Get a loan on your mutual funds with a paperless process


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Login into via your Aadhar-enabled mobile number

KYC Checked

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Upload your KYC documents or fill them in afresh to start the lending process.

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Mark lien on the mutual funds starting at Rs 15,000


Step 04

Relax & wait your loan will be disbursed into your account within 4 hours.

Meet your financial need

Meet your financial necessity without selling your Mutual Funds

Safeguard your investments by getting an instant loan against mutual funds. Even when you pledge your MF as collateral, your units will remain yours, and you continue to earn dividends. So you can get the funds you need for capital or emergencies without having to redeem your MF units. Also, we do not check your credit history while offering the loan. Meet your financial needs without having to redeem your MF units. Our loan against mutual funds interest rate is considerably low.

Key Features



You may use from the following documents : 
PAN Card, Address Proof (Aadhaar / Driving License /
Passport / Voter’s ID)

Apply and get funds directly to any of your bank account from the comfort of your home.

Loan Details & Charges

Our aim is to cater to your financial needs with utmost transparency with no hidden charges.

Maximum Loan Amount

Loan Against Equity Mutual Funds

Rs. 1,00,00,000

(Upto 65% LTV)

Loan Against Debt Mutual Funds

Rs. 1,00,00,000

(Upto 75% LTV)


Minimum Loan Amount


Loan against Mutual Funds

Loan Tenure

Upto 3 years


Loan against Mutual Funds

Fixed Processing Fees

2% (of loan amount) or Rs.1,000 (whichever is higher) + GST

Loan against Mutual Funds

Promise To Disburse Loan in 4 hours

(if not, we’ll return 50% of your processing fee!)

Penal Interest Rate
2.00% P.M. for the default period
Minimum Withdrawal Amount
₹1,000 However, there is no limit on the number of withdrawals.

Interest Rate

Starting at 0.67%/month – Interest will be due on 1st of every month and the same will be debited on 5th of every month from your Bank Account via NACH mandate.

Annual Renewal Charges
Rs. 999+GST
Bounce Charges
Rs. 500+GST
Collection Charges
Rs. 5,000 (in case of default)
Interest Rate Per Annum
Starting 8% Per Annum Flat
Legal Charges
Rs. 5,000 (in case of default)
Stamp Duty Charges
Top Up/Security withdrawal Charges
Foreclosure Charges
Security Invocation Charges

NOTE: Currently the Loan against Mutual Funds in DEMAT form is available on business days from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.


Most frequent questions and answers

A loan against mutual funds is a simple and convenient way to receive instant funds for any financial requirements. You just have to pledge your MF units as collateral and you’re good to go! This facility makes it easier for investors to meet their short-term needs. Instant loans against mutual funds are easily accessible both online and offline. The approval process is straight-forward & fast. Moreover, it comes with great benefits, such as lower interest rates, flexible repayment options.

With a loan against MFs, borrowers can get access to liquidity without selling their mutual funds and incurring losses due to market volatility. It also allows them to gain continual returns from their investments and keep their financial goals intact.

A loan against mutual funds online is a secured loan providing individuals with an option to borrow money without having to liquidate their investments. You can utilize this loan facility for a host of needs, such as setting up a business, dealing with an unexpected health crisis, bankrolling higher studies, adding capital assets, or more.

Obtaining an instant loan against mutual funds can be a great way to bypass selling your investments in a rush, minimize losses associated with market volatility, and avoid paying income gain tax. Whatever you may need the loan for, this is an incredibly advantageous option.

If you are looking to use your MFs as collateral for a loan, it’s important to be aware of the loan against mutual fund’s eligibility requirements. In order to obtain such a loan, you must be 18 years or older and possess investments in mutual funds. This is an easy way to get quick financing during times of financial distress.

A loan against mutual funds is a great option for investors looking to access quick capital. You can borrow money conveniently by pledging the MF units you have in your Demat account.

This loan facility offers you the opportunity to access liquidity without having to liquidate your investments. Also, it can provide a great help in relieving immediate financial pressure when necessary.

Applying for a loan against mutual funds online has its benefits – it offers quick approval and comes with flexible repayment options and lower interest rates compared to traditional loan products like personal loans or credit card loans. Besides, this loan does not require extra security or collateral, as your Mutual Funds serve as a guarantee for the creditor.

A loan on mutual funds is tailored for investors who are seeking solutions to their immediate cash needs. This product has been gaining immense popularity among customers for its convenience and ease of use. With this loan product, investors have an easy & convenient way to access 50-75% of their mutual fund’s value with minimal documentation and competitive interest rates. The loan value is determined by the market worth of the Mutual Fund units you provide as security. We offer 65% LTV on equity mutual funds and 75% LTV on debt mutual funds.

On an instant loan against mutual funds, the highest amount we offer is Rs. 1,00,00,000 based on the maximum credit limit of a lender. Similarly, a lender with minimum credit limit can borrow an amount as low as Rs. 15,000. Every lender has different minimum and maximum credit limits, which can differ from one another. We do not also check your credit history before sanctioning the loan.

Absolutely! You can still earn dividends and bonuses even if you have used your mutual funds as security for a loan. That is why taking a quick loan online, with your MFs as collateral, is advantageous. Pledging your mutual funds does not affect the dividend or bonus distribution process in any way. It keeps you invested in the market.

If you are in need of some extra funds, pledging your Mutual Funds is a wise decision. This way, you can access liquidity and still take advantage of owning your MF investments. You are not compromising any of your entitlements like dividends or bonuses. They remain yours and can be accessed when the market recovers. Strategic MF pledging can allow you to maximize returns with minimal risk and ample liquidity. It is an ideal way to balance return and liquidity goals.

Using your mutual funds as collateral is an effective way to borrow money against your MF units. Taking such a loan is a smart financial strategy. The amount you will get depends on the market value of mutual fund units offered as collateral. It can be an excellent way to obtain quick funds for various purposes.

The loan amount could range from 50-75% of the value of the mutual funds you pledge as security, varying from lender to lender. It is essential to assess the market worth of your mutual funds and evaluate the requirements set by the lender before applying for a loan against mutual funds.

Abhi Loans provides you with a wide range of options when it comes to loan against mutual funds. Starting from ₹15,000, you can get up to ₹1 Crore, with flexible repayment terms. We offer a 65% Loan-to-Value ratio on equity mutual funds and 75% LTV on debt mutual funds.

It is essential to consider the loan against mutual funds interest rate before deciding to borrow money as it affects the pricing. The cost of your loan will depend on the interest rates associated with it.

We have multiple EMI plans with an interest rate beginning at 0.67% flat interest rate per month each month. This converts to a yearly flat rate starting from 8%, depending on the plan you select. Apart from the principal loan amount and interest rate, further expenses that contribute to the overall cost of your loan include processing charges as well as GST. The processing fee is either 2% of the total amount or Rs.1000, whichever is higher. If you require your loan tenure to be extended, there are annual renewal charges which start at Rs. 999+GST. The total amount of all these fees will decide the final cost of a loan against mutual funds.

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Our loans against mutual funds, include a minimum repayment period of zero months, as you can pay when you want with NIL prepayment charges, and a maximum repayment period of 1 year, which is renewable.