5 Things to Know Before Investing in Large Cap Funds

By Abhi Loans

Large cap funds focus on top 100 stocks by market cap, with a mandate to invest 80% of the corpus in equities. Explore their potential for steady returns.

Know More About Them

Investing in very large companies, large cap funds excel in handling uncertainties and volatility. Leaders in their fields, they outperform in challenging market conditions.

Low risk, Volatility

For long-term wealth creation with lower risk, consider investing in large cap funds. These equity schemes offer stability and growth potential."

Who should invest?

Choose large cap funds for stable returns with moderate risk. Expect 10-12% returns over the long term, making them a reliable investment choice.


Don't prioritize returns only in equity scheme selection. While riskier options may yield higher returns, conservative investors may find it challenging to handle the associated risk and volatility.

Dont Compare Returns