30 years Of CAMS

What is CAMS or a RTA in a Mutual Fund Industry?

Registrar and Transfer Agents are RTAs.

CAMS is a RTA. They assist mutual fund firms in registering and maintaining precise records of all investor transactions.

A registrar and transfer agent (RTA) serves as a go-between for investors and mutual fund companies. These financial organizations engage RTAs to manage and maintain records of investor data. They also keep accurate records of important investor information, such as account balances and transactions. They are private SEBI-registered (Security and Exchange Board of India) companies.

Buying, selling, processing of mails and associated information, changes in personal data, and other transactions involving investors occur often and must be documented. Registrars and transfer agents have the necessary skills to maintain such data professionally, reducing the costs and time associated with maintaining thorough, accurate records of investor transactions.

Their responsibilities include informing investors about new offers, maturity dates, and other investor-friendly information in one convenient location. It is difficult for all mutual fund companies to maintain track of their investors’ actions. RTAs ease mutual fund houses of their burden, making it more comfortable for them.

Some well-known RTA businesses in India are CAMS (Computer Age Management Services), and Karvy. Financial institutions, mutual fund firms, and investors may use their RTA services. You may register for RTA online and verify your information.