Loan Against Securities

Abhiloans Instant Loan Disbursal – A Timely Service To Sort Your Financial Crisis

Time is money. If you have a loved one admitted to hospital, with bills accruing and growing ever so higher by the day, then this old adage must ring painfully true. Beyond that, a financial crisis can ambush you when you least expect it, leaving you counting your options fast. If you’ve been faced with rejection or false promises of the future meant to just lead you on, Abhiloans is here for you. Our instant processing for a quick loan against securities and mutual funds will save your day when everyone else is turning you away: 

Benefits of Availing a Loan at Abhiloans

  • Minimal documentation

We just need a few simple KYC documents involving your Aadhar and we’ll process your loan in only 24 hours. 

At Abhiloans, we don’t make you jump through hoops. Our loan application process is as straightforward as can be and is devoid of high-risk sensitivity marginalization.  

  • Fast disbursal 

If you need a quick loan against securities, Abhiloans is the place to be. Our staff is always on hand to ensure your application is processed in due time because we understand the urgency of dire situations.

Overall, we offer a fast disbursal promise of just 24 hours, meaning you can access the money you need in just one business day. This is enabled by our fully digital loan process and our easy documentation requirements. 

  • Low interest 

We’ve seen ruthless NBFCs that want to milk Indian borrowers dry with harsh interest rates that are through the roof, sometimes hitting an unfathomable 24%. For banks that offer 13% interest rates meanwhile, this comes with added penal and prepayment charges. 

Abhiloans avails the best loan against securities at cheap rates with interest rates at 13% for EMI-based loans, where borrowers pay the principal amount plus the interest monthly. On other hand, our company also offers a 16% interest rate for overdraft loans, where borrowers pay only the interest amount every month. 

  • Contactless application process

The pandemic is still here with us, and it’s unfortunately not losing any momentum anytime soon. Our fully digital loans against shares and mutual funds keep you safe at all times by taking out manual processes that require human intervention. 

Aside from minimizing exposure risks, this also means added convenience for our borrowers who can access our loans remotely, without having to spend on travel and other associated expenses. 

Key Features:

  • Low EMI 

Our equated monthly installments (EMI), in other words, the amount you pay back every month, are among the lowest in the market and are as follows: 

  • For Rs 100,000 loan, EMI is just Rs 1500 (For a loan against mutual funds)
  • Rs 1350 EMI for Rs 100,000 loan (For a loan against shares)

With no additional fees or inflated costs whatsoever, our EMIs are strategically low to give you enough breathing space to pay other monthly utilities without straining your budget. You don’t have to compromise your quality of living just for a loan. 

  • Pay just what you’ve used

Several NBFCs, banks, and whatnot require that you stay the course of your loan tenure, and pay back the entire sum of your loan against mutual fund/share units according to their timeline, but not us. 

To further give you the financial freedom and peace you crave, we allow you to just pay the amount of your loan that you’ve used. So if you come into some cash later on, simply pay back only the amount you have used and we’ll wipe your slate clean, allowing you to take a new loan if you like. 

  • No prepayment charges

Typically, most loan providers enforce prepayment penalties, which usually amount to 2% of your remaining loan size. Here at Abhiloans, you get the absolute power and financial freedom to pay your loan whenever you want. 

You don’t have to wait out your loan tenure simply because you’re afraid of exorbitant prepayment charges. So there’s no need to phase out prepayment charges. Pay when you’re able ahead of schedule at no extra cost to you whatsoever. 

  • Very low & very high loan ranges

Need just a small loan against your mutual funds or shares? Require a huge loan amount?  Either way, we offer excellent flexibility at both ends to meet you at your highest and lowest points of need. 

While most banks have a minimum loan against shares/mutual fund limit starting at 1 lac, Abhiloans raises the bar even lower to give the common man a bite of the cherry. Our quick capital against securities loans start at Rs 15,000 and is available up to 10 lacs, or even higher upon request. 

How to apply for a loan?

To be eligible for a loan against shares, we’ll need you to have approved shares units in NSDL. For our loans against mutual funds meanwhile, we have two conditions. We require that your MF units are in the CAMS and that they are not jointly held i.e. you have sole ownership. 

The best part about our loans here at Abhiloans is that you can apply from home for quick loan processing, even from the comfort of your sofa. Here’s how our process works for: 

  • Head over to
  • Fill out your KYC online
  • Mark a lien on your unit via NSDL
  • Sign an agreement and get money in your account within 24 hours. 

As you can see, our application process is fast, convenient, and has minimal documentation requirements. 


When a financial crisis has you by the scruff of the neck, and there’s seemingly nowhere to turn to, know that Abhiloans is here for you with the best, cheap, and instant loans against shares and mutual funds. It doesn’t matter if you have small units to spare or have a credit record you’re not proud of, everyone is assured of a loan with us regardless of background. Access quick cash to fight off emergencies. Apply now for a quick loan against securities from Abhiloans.